Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here it is, my monster post. New Years.

gigglesten and summer wiley.

summer camron

Fried Pickles

Welcome to the south.

The four of us had so much fun on this swing. Notice the girl in the back. We made them wait for seriously like a half an hour. Whatever, they were to young to appreciate the simple joys of swinging on a big bench.

Danny was pretty worn out by breakfast.

I like this picture.

Hmmm. Guess who's sleeping.

Matt Lowe was there.


1361 reunion. This may be the best picture of Danny ever taken.

Brothers. Danny smushface.

Party Zach.

Jesus was there too. Jesus Christ. King of Kings.


Seeing Adam happy is like watching a puppy being born.

Wiley was having the most fun. He got into a fight with the bartender. "He's not going to fight me!" he exclaimed, "He's a fucking pussy!". Wiley then demanded that I steal something before leaving, I tried to take the cue ball, but was told that they needed it to play. Wiley left with several glasses, which he hoped would somehow damage the employee who had snubbed him.

The most animated Brian has ever been. Seriously. Ever.

Peter Tosh was there.

Wiley was drinking beers in the street, when we reminded him that there were police around he screamed, "ITS NEW YEARS, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY GOING TO DO? ARREST ME?!?!?!" he then threw his bottle at a brick building, breaking it. (the bottle, not the building).

Adam had to take a break. Wiley lost all control of his limbs. He made us carry him to the bathroom, he threatened to break Danny's nose. See for details.

TWO BRIANS!!!!!! Do mine eyes deceive me?

Chilling. By the sign.

Danny asked me to take a picture of him laying down in the hall. Here you see the terrible consequences.

A little dan dan "oops" upskirt action.

Having the time of his life! :)

Brian has so much dignity, that's the only way something like this works. Dignity. He slept for 500 miles of our 560 mile drive. Doing his best Danny impression I suppose

The three amigos x 2= the 6 amigos

The three amigos!


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