Friday, February 29, 2008

Extra! Extra! Foppish Dandy removed from Afghanistan.

said Prince Harry upon hearing the news, "now, now see here, what's all this!"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is that so? You lying piece of shit.

"I have news for Senator Obama, al Qaeda is in Iraq and that's why we're fighting in Iraq"

I talked to this "guy" tonight

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I told him I was from Annapolis, he gave me a devil horns hand sign, thanked me for coming, and wished me "peace". Best show ever.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did You Know?

that every time William F. Buckley Jr. dies, an angel gets its wings?

John Lewis Switches Support To Obama

Georgia Superdel. is switching his support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. His distrcit was 3:1 for Obama, and he felt that to continue to support Hillary would be undemocratic.

He is awesome.

Georgia Rules!


remember when you and Donna were in Cleveland?

I was there with Jerry!

that was 6.5 years ago!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar night. red carpet.

Mike Huckabee's band (Capitol Offense) and an Elvis impersonator on the campaign trail. Doing Johnny B Goode.


MIke Huckabee


really is charming. whenever I hear him speak I find myself briefly forgetting that he is an actual batshit insane person.

To his credit, i think he is probably the only person running for president on a major party ticket who's every speech is a wholly accurate representation of his real-world views.

He doesn't believe in evolution and wants to quarantine people with AIDS.

let's not get ahead of ourselves.

there will be milkshakes for old men

have you seen There Will Be Blood?

do you like milkshakes? (Julie?)

Then this is the clip for you

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

These made my mouth smile

someone took actual quotes from Roger Clemens testimony in front of congress and made them into poems.

Roger Clemens. Click image to expand.

"Offensive Haiku"

I am offended.
I will be honest with you.
I am offended.


I have strained my glute
On a couple occasions.
I wish I could tell you
How many occasions.

Feb. 5, 2008, deposition


Kids come to my house and work out.
I invite them to come work out.
The littler kids,
I try to get them to sign a waiver
In case a bat comes out of my hand, or a ball.
We've experienced that.
That's headaches.

Feb. 5, 2008, deposition

"Stop Sign"

In Boston, I know I was on prednisone.
I remember that because actually
I came here to visit the White House
When the president was in,
And my head looked like a stop sign.

Feb. 5, 2008, deposition

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Neighborhood Night

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We all took BIlly to Goat HIll pizza

Julie stuffed her face

After all, it was All You can Eat Night

We're never letting Billy leave

Because he's my new Wingman (visual pun)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Billy's Here! (Danny in back)

Marc Bolan

Never learned to drive a car because he was terrified of dying young in an accident.

Friday, February 15, 2008

CNN reports

several superdelegates are publically switching from supporting Hill-dog to supporting Obama. That is sick.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


YOu think he gives a fuck about Valentine's Day!?!?
her: happy valentine's day Marlon
Marlon: go fuck yourself. I'm going to be in Apocalypse now in 28 years you bitch!

valentine dog

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Addendum to earlier post

please do not take my earlier post to mean that if they properly understood the Bible they would be shoving food and condoms at Africa or anything.

Have you read that shit? Its fucking crazy!

Jon Stewart in college

i had a thought today

All church services used to be
conducted in Latin. This was problematic because the people had no idea what the scriptures actually said, they were being told by often corrupt priests what the bible contained. This resulted in priests and bishops fleecing their congregations out of money, making them do things that did not suit their interests etc.

Finally, the vatican decided to allow priests to perform services in local languages, allowing churchgoers to read the Bible for themselves for the first time.

Today, I feel like much of the world has reverted to this pre-reformation churchgoing. People who consider themselves devout have no conception of what the Bible actually says, that's why they sway back and forth in their giant auditoriums like braying mules , spewing vitriolic garbage about gay marriage and abortion.

The key distinction is that now, people submit to this bastardization of their faiths willingly, even joyfully. They have a choice, and they choose not to exercise it, preferring to be told what to think and what they think. And they should be ashamed of themselves.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008


Matt lowe tromboner

oh I get it, he's actually insane...

this is a huckabee quote, courtesy of cnn

"I know what the pundits say, they say the math doesn't work out. Well I didn't major in math, I majored in miracles, and I still believe in those..."

wowzers Mike. 

Uh oh!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am sick of

people talking about Hilary Clinton voting for the war as though it was some mistake from her youth. It was 3 fucking years ago. I knew that it didnt make any sense to go to Iraq, everyone I know knew that it didnt make any fuckign sense to go to Iraq, and I assume that she had access to intelligence that was at least as good as what we got in Gambier Ohio.

There are two possiblities. One is, Hilary Clinton is stupid. As appealing as this may be, it is unlikely.

THe latter, more probably possibility, is, that she knew good and goddamn well that the war didnt make sense, but she voted for it anyway. A reporter on BIll Maher's show said the following,

"She voted for the war because she was worried that it would be over in 2 weeks, gas would cost 50 cents a gallon, and she would be left out of the parde, she didnt care how many teenagers were going to die"

I feel like I'm on curb your enthusiasm
Yesterday a coworker goes to get coffee, I give her three dollars, no change. Today, I go. Guess how much the coffee costs....TWO DOLLARS! What kind of people are these.

you know, we're living in a society here!

Ya vote!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Julie and Danny

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go ahead. I fucking dare you.
They have this on the back.
how come no one talks about the fact that McCain called Vietnamese people gooks? What the fuck.

Larry the Cable Guy. Supported in his presidential bid by former actor Fred Thompson

here we all are watching the game

check out brian middleton with his two dates at the bottom
check out Danny eating a slice of pizza
check out that sick dude with his hands in the air

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