Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am sick of

people talking about Hilary Clinton voting for the war as though it was some mistake from her youth. It was 3 fucking years ago. I knew that it didnt make any sense to go to Iraq, everyone I know knew that it didnt make any fuckign sense to go to Iraq, and I assume that she had access to intelligence that was at least as good as what we got in Gambier Ohio.

There are two possiblities. One is, Hilary Clinton is stupid. As appealing as this may be, it is unlikely.

THe latter, more probably possibility, is, that she knew good and goddamn well that the war didnt make sense, but she voted for it anyway. A reporter on BIll Maher's show said the following,

"She voted for the war because she was worried that it would be over in 2 weeks, gas would cost 50 cents a gallon, and she would be left out of the parde, she didnt care how many teenagers were going to die"

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Remy LeBeau said...

We all knew it was dumb to go to war. I hate this mentality "We just didn't know what we were in for".

Fuck that, the largest simultaneous worldwide protest was before this stupid war. I went to like 3.

Fuck Hitlary. Fuck racist McCain. And by the way to all the people who think its cool to be a libertarian, fuck Ron Paul.