Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This was posted on my website by writer Tim Wise

According to a newspaper in Torrance, CA, Geraldine Ferraro, former NY Congresswoman, and 1984 Vice-Presidential Candidate has told them that Barack Obama would not "be in this position" if he were a white man or a woman. Right, because, ya know, black men always get such a free pass in this country. Of course!

Really now, for Geraldine Ferraro to accuse another candidate of getting where they are because of identity???!!! That's like Mickey Mouse telling Goofy that he'd be a nobody without Walt Disney. As if anyone believes she was chosen to be the VP nominee because of her bevy of experience dealing with, say, international affairs?? Gimme a break. Mondale and the Dems wanted to make a statement in '84 and good for them--no shame there. It was time; it was past time. But surely to God she doesn't believe that she was chosen merely because she was the next logical person in line within the Democratic Party. I have yet to meet anyone, then or now who thought that, even those of us who supported Mondale/Ferraro and were inspired by her inclusion on the ticket (and far more than we were ever inspired by Mondale himself--a nice guy, but someone for whom the word "inspiration" was created, as an antonym).

Anyway, and back to the point, for Ferraro to blast Obama this way--I mean at least he's getting VOTES from people for God's sakes, he wasn't just picked by someone else to be on the ticket, which is more than can be said for her--is beyond reprehensible.

But will Clinton repudiate Ferraro, who is one of her top advisors and a major fundraiser? Of course not, or at least not strongly. These kind of hit-and-runs are part of her (and her husband's) shtick; their collective modus operandi. This is, in short, how she rolls and how her supporters roll.

It's how Gloria Steinem was rollin' in that putrid op-ed for the New York Times a while back: the one where she said she didn't want to take sides in the debate over whether racism or sexism was worse, but, oh, by the way, it's sexism; and this she knew because black men got the vote before women did, never mind that whole grandfather clause/literacy test/lynching-if-you-try-to-actually-cast-a-ballot thing.

And it's how Clinton has been rollin' with the red phone ("Beware the incompetent black man who poses a threat to your sleeping white children") TV ad in Texas, and the "hey, maybe I'll let him be my understudy" b.s. of the past few days. The thinly-veiled racism of she and many of her white supporters, no matter how liberal they claim to be, is so vile, so rancid that I can say without hesitation that I would never vote for her in the fall. Never. Under. Any. Circumstances.

I would literally rather have McCain than this faux-progressive, over-entitled, slash-and-burn, lying, second-wave white-privileged pseudo-feminist, and her even more venal spouse back in the White House. That's it. At some point, we have to say no. For me, this is that point. Unless David Duke or Pat Buchanan pulls a stunner and somehow captures the Republican nomination at the last minute, I will sit out the election in the case of a Clinton nomination. This kind of politics--the kind that the Clintons have symbolized for as long as they have been in the public eye--is deserving of utter and complete repudiation. If we allow it to succeed, to win out in spite of how much it disgusts us (or because we're paralyzed in fear by McCain), we will never, I mean never get off this train to nowhere. Progressive politics will be done and buried for good. Clinton will choke it off, all in the cause of personal ambition.

To the Clintons, they are more important than grass-roots movements, they are more important than mass mobilization, and if the destruction of Obama and the movement his candidacy has spawned are what it takes for them to be in charge, then that's just fine by them.

Well, it's not fine by me. She is not entitled to my support just because she's friends with Marian Wright Edelman, or because she once saw MLK speak and got weepy, or because she gave a really neat commencement address at her college graduation, or because she's pro-choice. Perhaps it's the Rodham blue-blood, making her think folks owe her somethin'. But as for me, the only thing I feel for her, or for her campaign is contempt. If she and her acolytes are the best the Democratic Party can do, then it is time for the Democratic Party to die. The quicker the better.