Friday, April 4, 2008

Top Ten Impossible Concerts. What does everyone else say?

An impossible concert is a performance by a musician who is currently deceased, a condition which makes standing and singing for exstended periods extremely difficult. Here is my list, which I am writing without thinking much about it. I am only really 100 percent certain about the top spot.

1. Sam Cooke- 1963. If I could go to only one concert in the history of anything, it would be Sam Cooke at the Harlem Square Club in 1963. Buy this immediately if you dont have it. If you are currently working on a time machine, and you find your motivation lacking, use this as the impetus to suck it up and get back to work.

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2. The Velvet Underground and Nico - 1967. This counts even thouhg Lou Reed and John Cale are still around.

3. Rolling Stones (with Brian Wood) - 1968.

4. Beatles - 1965.

5.Otis Redding - 1967

6.Skip James - ummm, before he died, the 30's or something.

7. Son House - same as Skip James

8. James Brown - 1962. Live at the APollo is the 2nd greatest live album of all time. i actually did see James Brown before he died, but it was in 2004, and was sort of embarrassing.

(9.) Bob Marley and the Wailers - 1976, bu tonly if all my friends are with me, if I'm alone, i have no real interest, he drops off the list .

9.Nick Drake- 1970

10.Wu-Tang Clan- 36 Chambers tour


Rob Falk said...

Bob Marley and the Wailers - actually saw them in 1976 in Boston, Peter Tosh too. They were OK - not Top 10 worthy though.

The Ramones - anytime between 1975 and 1980. That was special, every time.

Grateful Dead - there was nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.

Funny your comment on James Brown. Walking out after seeing Chuck Berry in 1980-something - he was pretty pathetic - I turned to my buddy and said, "Man, I wish I'd been able to see Chuck Berry before he died."

Remy LeBeau said...

I would see Jesus when He played the intimate, standing room only performance for His disciples. Jesus could WAIL on a lute.

But actually, this is real. I don't believe in God or anything like that.

A few years ago, I yelled to the devil that I would sell my soul to go to that Sam Cooke concert, when I first moved to Brooklyn. So true it's sad.

y-lee said...

i want to see jeff buckley and chan marshall do blues, and soul, and country duets together. on a boat. with lots of beer and wine and ciggies and WEEEEEED!!!!

Emily M said...

TLC.. back in the days of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. I don't want no scrubs.

JIMMIE said...

Nina Simone and Janis Joplin duet.

A Citizen of Swampass City said...

def leopard
with a two-armed drummer