Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I no longer fear hell, because I've been to Capri.

Capri is really beautiful, but it was the yuppiest worst place ever, we only spent like 4 hours there. It was almost 100 degrees, it felt like this

Its full of awful people and they try to charge you money for everything. We went to the blue grotto, which would be super awesome, but they charge you 10 euro to get there, then 10 euro to go on the tour, which lasts like 1.5 minutes while some Guido huckster sings Dean Martin songs even though your whole family wants him to shut the fuck up so you can just look around the damn grotto in piece.

So this is what it looked like

But it was ruined by these guys:

The only time I ever want to see another Italian on a boat is if he is arriving at Ellis Island in a 3+ hour movie that exists as an allegory for the American experience.

Whatever, we got back and I read and we went to eat the best Pizza I've ever had in my life

And I drank some limoncello.

I think Matt was our chef, here he is:

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