Sunday, May 31, 2009

Michael Ian Black: My Custom Van

I just read this, it's pretty funny.

It isn't worth buying or anything, but if you find yourself in the bookstore with a few minutes to spare, read some of it.

With articles like, "Letters to the first girl I ever fingered", "Using the Socratic Method to Determine What it Would Take for Me to Voluntarily Eat Dog Shit for the Rest of My Life"

I really enjoyed this excerpt from his invitation to a Taco Party:

"Here's the way the day breaks down: Fucking show up at noon. Eat fucking tacos until you either boot or pass the fuck out or both...You want to swim? You can fucking swin all you want. Guess what the pool is filled with? Did you fucking guess guacamole? Wrong fucker. its filled with water because YOU CAN'T FUCKING SWIM IN GUACAMOLE!!!!...Maybe you like chopped green onion drizzled in olive oil. Hey, fucking dicknose ass-cheeks shithead - I WILL HAVE CHOPPED GREEN ONIONS DRIZZLED IN OLIVE OIL!!!" it goes on like this.

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