Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 day fun time post

Adam came to visit us 3 days ago.

The first day, he and Brian and Danny played a concert.

they still got it.

Unfortunately, a million year old woman with no teeth made me the worst burrito ever, and I spent most of my evening spraying vomit into the toilet. Luckily, the acoustics in that urine soaked stall were phenomenal and the show sounded great!

Danny gave us all a special treat by playing the muppet babies themesong. Also, I am a little surprise that google doesn't recognize that muppet is a legitimate word.

The next day was perfect.

Adam, Danny, Julie, Billy, post-birthday Morgan, Taylor and I spent hours int the park. We were absolutely in the DVZ. I have never seen so many adorable dogs. They turned the little park into a big giant field of shit though and someone (adam) got poop on his pants. When I told Wiley he said, "ew! gross! send me a pic!".

We spent the afternoon writing classic jokes, mainly incorporating Moo into words that may SOUND like Moo, but aren't really moo. (e.g. why was the cow sent to jail? He committed MOOOOrder [when I asked Wiley why the cow went to prison, he posited that it was for 'raping a woman to death']).

...Then we had a surprise party for Morgan I took a great picture of her being surprised.

We played a girls vs boys heated game of charades; a game which, due to rampant cheating, we lost.

Today Julie Adam and Danny and I saw Moon

and went to the beach to watch the sun go down.

Then Michael Jackson died.