Monday, June 8, 2009

Billy and I

today billy took me to a really fancy wine tasting event. I had something in the neighborhood of 30-40 little tasting glasses.

It was really fun. And they had a bunch of those adorable little sandwhiches (do they shrink regular ones down to get those, is it like baby corn?)

We took a cab to the mission, full to our ears with fine white Burgandy

We had a beer and a burger at Zeitgeist and then we watched Pinneapple Express with Brian.

that was nice.

can you believe ADnny McBride actually looks like this? Boy Howdy I sure can't.

Anyways, I hobnobbed with the hoi poloi.


Wiley said...

he looks like sam wetterau

RLBO said...

billy + ben = gay

the math is indisputable

ben said...

billy + x = gay.

Solve for x.

Billy said...

Adam is just jealous, instead Adam and I did hood rat stuff.