Sunday, June 21, 2009

I already

told this to Danny and Wiley, but I just got so upset about this dream I had about Adam and Danny.

I will present it to you here, exactly as I remember it, with visual aids, in dialogue form.

Ben: I can't believe Adam will be here in 2 days
Danny: dude...he is going to fuck so many chicks when he's up here
B: [shocked] how!?! who!? How does Adam already know girls in SF
D: [sarcastically] um, you don't know what adam does?
D:Whenever he goes to a new city, he sends pictures of himself to all the cool bars so that girls see him before he gets there, and know that he's a rad dude
B: well what the fuck! why didn't anyone tell me? I could have been doing that this whole time!
D: [witheringly] uh...yeah dude, maybe you could've done that shit a couple years ago, you're a little too old now

Here's me angry at Danny: image by pjcomix

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RLBO said...

that is what I do, I'm required by law.

The courts are very concerned that people know I'm a rad dude (and a sexual predator).