Monday, June 15, 2009

My new career

So I decided that I am going to direct feature pornos. The thing of it is, they are all going to be allusions to great works of literature.

Here are a few titles Danny, Matt, Adam and Jeff and I have come up with

"A tale of 2 titties"

"The Sodomyssey" by Homer

a few by Dr. Seuss
- "Hop on Cocks"

James Joyce's - "You-Lick-This"

"Watership [goes] down [on a bunch of a guys]"

Voltaire's "Candick"

Mark Twain's "A connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Asshole"
also by Twain, "Huckleberry Fuck"

Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet [are fucking]"

The Sound and the Fucking

As I lay Fucking

Slaughterhouse Fuck

Where the wild things fuck

any other ideas?


Wiley said...

catch 22 (stds) by joseph heller

a passage to my nutsack by e.m. forster

lord of the thighs by william golding

the naked and the dead by norman mailer

on the chode by jack kerouac

the cunt is a lonely hunter by carson mccockers

a farewell to condoms by ernest hemingway

the dick also rises by ernest hemingway

to kill a cockingbird by herper lee

naked munch by william burroughs

tender is the tight (asshole) by f scott fitzgerald

Wiley said...

sometimes a great blowjob

ben said...


RLBO said...

yeah, Wiley killed it with those

ben said...


A cockwork orange

The rapes of wrath

One fucked over the cuckoo's nest

A confederacy of cuntses

This boy's [erotic] life

James and the Giant Dick

A lesson before fucking

Little Women

The old Man and the seamen

Ayn Rand's the Penishead

A million little pussies

The Lord of the cock-rings

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

The Bitch Fucker's guide to the galaxy

David Cockerfield

Madame[s] Ovary

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Candypants said...

sex and sensibility

heartbreaking work of a fucking genius

Wiley said...

Oedipus Sex, obviously

A cumshot on the Artist by a young man, naturally