Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ordering Pizza

I had a wonderful pizza ordering experience tonight. Danny and I have been doin' a little partying, eating sandwiches, drinking mimosas, all that Jazz.

Here is a transcript of my pizza call:

Pizza Man (PM): you calling from 4438229330?
Ben: (feigning shock) how'd you know that?
Pizza Man: Is this Ben>?
Pizza Man: I know lots of shit, whatta you want?
Ben: ummm a medium pizza with pesto and tomato and mushrooms
Pizza Man:...holy shit dude...that sounds fucking amazing, get that shit

I like that he was taking a genuine interest in my order.

He then CALLED ME and left a confusing message about pesto vs tomato sauce

When i called back he said: Oh, dude, that shit didn't make any sense, um...there's tomato on that shit. Peace.

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