Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things I learned this week

1. Leeches are good for you.

apparently leeches have spit that is full of anti-biotics and anti-coagulants. They stop blood from clotting and people with heart disease or clogged arteries would do well to be regularly bled by leeches.

2.I learned where the term "hooker" comes from.

General Joseph Hooker

on leave during the Civil War, frequented Washington brothels with his inner circle so much that prostitutes in D.C. were called Hooker's girls, then Hooker's and finally, Hookers.

3. Russel Simmons saved the life of the guy from 3rd bass.

This seems too fucking crazy, but I spent a lot of time reading about it and everyone seems to say that it's true.

the story is as follows: MC Hammer was offended by a diss on 3rd bass's album about his mother (the diss, not the album). He, naturally, decided to have them killed. He contacted the bloods to take care of it. Russel Simmons found out, and contacted someone connected with the hitman and asked him what had to happen for it to all go away. The hitman wanted what any thugged out murderer for hire would want, to go to the fucking grammys and to sit next to Michael Jackson. Russel Simmons made it happen, and we are all in his debt, otherwise we would not have had the distinct pleasure of listening to 3rd bass all these many years.

4. Most "pygmies" are just malnourished

This does not apply to all pygmy tribes. There are collections of little people in various parts of the world that have long been thought to be somehow genetically smaller than everyone else. In the 1990's, several children of these darling little people were adopted and grew up in LA where they were monitered by scientists

The [formerly] little people grew to normal heights. It was determined that the reason these communities were so short was a lack of iodine in the soil.

That's it.

That's what I learned.

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