Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today was one of the best days ever

My friend Kyle came into town from up north where we go to school together. Kyle and Matt and Liza and I went to Billy's to eat breakfast.


Then we got drunk on rum and took BART to the Orioles Oakland game in Oakland.
The Orioles lost, but it was a nice day, and Brendan and Walker and Walker's southern lady friend (pictured below) joined us.

Then we took BART to Lake Merit, which is very pretty, and walked around for roughly 25 hours trying to find a motherfucking margarita.

We didn't find one, but we had the best Ethiopian food we've ever eaten and split 5 bottles of honey wine. Here you see Billy and Matt at dinner:

THEN, we went to a park to sit down because our bellies were swollen with food, literally our bellies were exploding all over eachothers faces.

We found a hippie clown walking across one of those slack-roped things: We all tried, some with more success than others.

then we had a beer at 16th and Valencia, and walked home. It was a great day, even though my legs feel like this

Now it's time to watch the Baxter and go to sleep!

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