Monday, June 29, 2009

Wiley got me looking through my facebook photos

I picked some out.


this was form Vermont, we had just run across the street naked, but Adam's ears were cold, so he kept his hat on. Remember?

This next one is of Annie, at Sterling's parents house, it's the first thing she ever said when I met her!

Boy, sometimes I forget how different Julie used to look when we were at Kenyon, here's a picture of her and Sterling when he came to visit.

It's also easy to forget how wild Danny looked in high school. I took this photo of him on our road trip, outside le biodome in Montreal.

Here's one of matt Biedlingmaier, before he told us he was gay

I think that was outside of a fade show at Piezannos

I don't really have any old pictures of Billy, so I just used one from this year

This picture of Wiley is from way back, like 2003 or 2004

Here's one of Chris parking on my street in Annapolis


Wiley said...

the one of sterling and julie, for a second i really thought it was fake.

ben said...

yeah, I took it outside of the grocery store at Kenyon.

Candypants said...

my hair looks fly

alfa foxtrot said...

you always have to wear a space helmet at the schlegel's. no oxygen.

ben said...

plus yoyr gross turtle skin will dry out

Billy said...

that is my employee of the month photo at the rape factory, how did you get that? Our slogan is "Raping is our business, not yours."

Billy said...

sorry, everyone