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Jessica Böhrs (born on 5 March 1980 in Magdeburg, Germany) is a German singer and actress. Böhrs produced vocals for a techno-pop project Novaspace, which performed a few Top-10 hit-singles including "Time After Time", Guardian Angel and "Beds Are Burning". She also appeared in Eurotrip (2004) as Mieke, the object of Scott Thomas's European vacation quest. The role required her to expose her breasts.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

snap your fingers

the best road trip in America
soaring through nature's finest show
Denali, the great one
soaring under the midnight sun
And then the extremes
In the winter time it's the frozen road
that is competing with the view
of ice fogged frigid beauty.

the cold though, doesnt it
split the Cheechakos from the Sourdoughs
and then in the summertime such extreme
summertime about a hundred and fifty degress
hotter than some months ago
hotter, than some months from now
withe fireweed blooming along the frost heaves
and merciless rivers that are rushing and carving
and reminding us that here
mother nature wins.

Palin 2012

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey Annapolis!

by the time you read this. I'll have Chris and Brian Middleton. That's right.

You can get them back on Friday night.

I's so assited!

Francis Collins

Is nauseating.

PZ Myers wrote an excellent article on him. Here some of it is.

Curiosity is a fine thing and I have to encourage any wellspring for it. However, the defining feature of Collins' faith, and that part of it that makes it objectionable, is that he uses it to wall off parts of the human world from curiosity. The human genome project was a technological exercise, a sustained, disciplined effort to apply developing tools to a specific, narrow problem. It opens up new avenues for science, but in itself was not a demonstration of scientific competence. His administrative ability led the work to a conclusion, not his scientific skill set.

And what has he done with it afterwards? Declared the genome a divine artifact, decreed that certain domains, such as human behavior and morality, are exempt from scientific scrutiny, and proposed a succession of freakish Christian dogmas as substitutes for reasoned analysis. At this point, where the real science takes over, his faith only gets in the way.

And please, don't ever equate faith with ethics. They have nothing to do with each other, except, perhaps, that faith is a commonly used escape clause to get away from the requirements of human morality. Science itself is a tool, as amoral as a hammer, and it certainly can be misused, but don't go crawling to the priests for guidance. Let's hear from philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, and lawyers long, long before we consult with theologians—I can't imagine a worse fate for scientific ethics than for it to fall under the sway of a dogmatic Christian.

I would rather Obama had appointed someone who wore practical shoes, and didn't make much of a fuss about them, anyway. And excuse me, but I don't want American science to be represented by a clown.

Seperated at Birth

Steven Urkell and Stefan Urquelle

has anyone ever noticed how similar these two guys looked?

Why is it that

television butlers were invariably more sophisticated and erudite than the people they worked for?

Book Review: the idea of a party system

Very good study of the development of the two party system in American politics. Very little on the federalism debate. Focuses mainly on the Jeffersonian republican split from the federalist party, and the subsequent strengthening of the republicans under Madison and Monroe. The last part of the book deals less with Jackson himself, then king maker Martin Van Buren and the New York machine's transformation of what it meant to be a politician.

Interesting how quickly the notion of "party" changed in American political life. Even through Monroe, the republicans tended to view party as synonymous with 'faction'. A potentially inevitable, but always unfortunate fact of politics that should be controlled, never encourage. (as an aside, Monroe, that expositor of American exceptionalism did NOT believe that parties were an inevitable part of the American system...why? because it was perfect, that's why). With the rise of the NY machine and the Jacksonian democrats, party became something to be proud of and to promote, not something to be hidden behind cognitive dissonance and speeches full of equivocation.

There is not a tremendous amount of new information in this book, although I imagine it is as good a place as any to start for the reader specifically interested in this somewhat narrow topic. The real appeal (as always for the contemporary reader), is in Hofstadter's prose

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this is my shocking live traffic map

Image:An Inconvenient Book cover.jpg

Have you ever wondered why some of the biggest problems we face, from illegal immigration to global warming to poverty, never seem to get fixed? The reason is simple: the solutions just aren’t convenient. Fortunately, radio and television host Glenn Beck doesn’t care much about convenience; he cares about common sense[2].

live traffic feed

I have been confused recently about my live traffic feed.

It seems like an odd number of people from Singapore and the flyover states are going to my blog.

I think it may be because of unique word combination.

for example.

If you google image seach : Bill Maher and Hilary Clinton - my blog comes up on the first page.

if you google image search : Danny's tan - mine is the FIRST RESULT


what are the odds of that!

more proof that the US IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION

this is from the treaty signed after the battle of Tripoli in 1798.

It was read aloud on the floor of the senate, approved unanimously without edit, and was signed by president John Adams.

It reads:

Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

(inspired by A--m's post) one of the most

frustrating things that happens in American life is the way that longevity, the ability to maintain some sort of position in the public eye for 2+ decades somehow morphs into respectability.

This happens in entertainment, where it is really just an irritant, and it happens in the world of politics, where it is often much more upsetting.

In entertainment, two examples I can think of are Madonna and, what's his name, Liv Tyler's father.
former secretary of state Steven Tyler

Both of these individuals have managed to stay popular by parroting popular themes in contemporary pop music. This is fine, it takes a certain undeniable skill.

In politics it happens with pretty much everyone over the age of 70, no matter how black their hearts or their records of public service.

Henry Kissinger may be the most singularly immoral and dangerous American of the 20th century. By all accounts, he is a brilliant man who believes in absolutely nothing other than the pursuit of his own power and influence. Say what you will about the corruption of a Bush or a Nixon, but I feel very strongly that they had some sort of ideology. This is not to suggest that it was reasonable, or that they were not lovers of power, but I in some way, they both felt that they were pursuing a course whose ends would justify the means.

Kissinger was Nixon's sec. of state, and prior to the 1968 election he offered several people jobs in the administration, the people responded, "if Nixon wins", to which Kissinger said, "no matter who wins". He was entirely unprincipled.

In and of itself, this would be merely distasteful, in a secretary of state during the late 1960's and early 1970's, it was particularly disastrous.

Kissinger was (more than any other man), responsible for the war crimes in Cambodia, and for political assassination in Latin America.

It is insulting to human dignity that we should pretend we have anything to learn from the council of this man.

Book Review: Perilous Times a history of free speech in wartime


A thorough examination of America's history of censorship during war-time, and the evolution of the supreme court's conception of our 1st amendment rights. Despite the density and seriousness of the topic, Stone has a somewhat light touch, and manages to mix in fascinating biographies of the many heroes of free speech and association in American history. From Matthew Lyon - a republican senator jailed by the Adams administration under the Sedition Act of 1798, to pacifists imprisoned and censored by Lincoln's administration during the Civil War, to the massive criminal repression of socialists and anarchists like Eugene V. Debs by Wilson in the first World War, McCarthyism, Vietnam era protest, up to the War on Terror.

Despite the gross violations of the Bush administration, it is telling of the forward progression of our civil liberties (as well as the degree to which these liberties have not been secured in the past) that the repressions of the earlier part of the 20th century (particularly the jailing of Debs), could never have an equivalent today (such as the imprisonment of Howard Dean for criticizing the war effort in Iraq).

A delight through and through, as well as a work of tremendous and lasting importance.

In his conclusion, Stone quotes Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, "Those who won our independence...knew that...fear breeds repression and that courage is the secret of liberty" (557).

saw Jon Brion last night

for 15 dollars he played a 2:55 minute show.

At one point, he showed a 20 minute felix the cat cartoon that he played a piano soundtrack for.

He played ruin my day, more of this, brian eno's baby on fire, not ready yet (which I didn't realize he had written), emitt rhodes, cole porter, and a bunch of beautiful songs about how sad he is.

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Would you let this man into your home?

alternate title: Together We Can Stop Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

These are real WWII propaganda posters!

I've been reading this book called Perilous Times: A history of Free Speech in War time. It's really interesting. There is a lot of stuff about WWII and the fact that the government wanted the US to hate Nazi's and Hitler, but not Germans and Italians as a whole (there was still a bad taste in everyone's mouth after WWI- which had involved probably the most repressive anti-1st amendment legislation in American history).

FDR said that there was no need to hate Italians as (and this is an actual quote), they were 'just a bunch of opera singers'.

However, all Japanese were viewed as potential subversives. The widespread use and acceptance of these sorts of posters goes along way to explaining why relatively so few people were outraged by Japanese internment, where 120,000 Japanese-Americans were put in concentration camps.

It's also pretty crazy that hatred and fear of the Japanese was used to remind people about the importance of car safety! And that the Wiley Jap played the role of a smokey the bear, warning people about the dangers of forest fires.

This is no Joke

Hot Tub Time Machine.

Is a real movie, with John Cusack, Rob Corrdry and (of course) the inestimable Craig Robinson.

about 4 drunk friends who travel back in time through their hot tub.

this is the description from IMDB :After a night of drinking Red Bull and vodkas, a group of guys travel back in time to when they were younger cads


The trailer park boys are going to be interviewed on TSOYA. They are doing the interview in character. And Jesse Thorn's twitter is asking for help coming up with good questions. That's cool.

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Eugene V. Debs

-While there is a lower class I am in it; while there is a criminal element I am of it; while there is a soul in prison, I am not free-

I think the teens would have been a tremendously exciting time to live. Not that I think things were better than, or any of that sort of claptrap. But...rabble was being roused in the realist way.

c'mon boys and girls, it's time to do our part


Today in Awesome (for Chris)

Victor Berger was the first socialist US senator. He served a term for Wisconsin in the teens.

After the passage of the alien and sedition acts in 1917 and 1918 (allowing for censorship, control of the mail, and deportation), Berger was arrested for contending that the roots of the Great War were economic, and not, as president Wilson insisted, "to make the world safe for democracy".

With criminal charges pending, in 1918, Berger was elected to the House of Representatives. The House refused to seat him, and the conservative governor of Wisconsin called for an (illegal) special election. The special election took place AND BERGER WON as a write-in candidate.


I love you - you told me to sell books on amazon. I put 10 up yesterday, I've already sold a textbook for 40 dollars!


Is Italy's Paris Hilton. This is an actual, no fooling quote form a recently released audio sex-tape of the Prime Minister having sex with a prostitute

SB: May I? You should have sex with yourself. You should touch yourself often.

Brad Pitt is an atheist

which is sort of ironic, as only a loving personal G-d could have made that chiseled, perfect body.

brad_pitt.jpg Brad Pitt image by Kay94_photos

that's why children starve, so god can spend more time admiring brad pitt.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nate Silver, Sotomayor and Major League Baseball

So obviously Sotomayor's connection to baseball is sort of silly and incidental.

I've been thinking about Nate Silver today.

everyone who reads political news knows that Nate Silver has revolutionized the way polling data for political campaigns is being analyzed. Many people may also know that Silver achieved great success in baseball analysis (sabermetrics), with a projection system called PECOTA (Player Empirical something or other).

While Silver's projection system is the most complete and certainly the best, he was far from the first to take this sort of approach. Clay Davenport (baltimore meteorologist), Bill James, and many others had similar, if less powerful systems.

I think it's pretty crazy that the current cutting edge of political analysis is being informed by the work done in the world of baseball statistics 6-8 years ago.

Jon Stewart

was voted America's most trusted newsperson in a Time magazine online poll.

Certainly this result will be dismissed by a majority of people (certainly a majority of newspeople) as the result of their invented cliche as the internet user briefly rolling out of bed, and exhaling his most recent bong load to vote before attending his philosophy class.

some things strike me about the way the media and politicians (remember our president's pathetic brushing aside of the prospect of legalizing marijuana?) demonize the people who are getting their information from the web.

First of all, it's fucking 2009, the internet is not something that college students use to download movies and look at porn...its...its the FUCKING INTERNET! Everyone is on it all the time.

Secondly, in a time-honored sleazeball tactic, the people who are made uncomfortable by results like this change the nature of the discourse, rather than addressing why the world (or even one, large, powerful demographic) feels that they cannot trust anyone in the news other than a comedian (and Brian Williams who received 29 percent of the vote), the de-legitimize the position by attempting to de-legitimize the people who hold it.

Why counter an argument when you can just insult the person who makes it?

these results are not indicative of internet users, or even really of anything so great about Jon Stewart, and everything to do with the fact that 44 person of respondents feel that the host of the daily show is the only newsperson who isn't consistently intentionally misleading them.

It should also be noted that this was a TIME magazine poll, a periodical not noted for its radical youth-centric, leftist agenda.

unreleased audio comedy from the state

I used to always get irritated

when people would tell me that the human race is trending downward, that we need to return to the good old days...until I saw this

No, you aren't going crazy, that is a man, driving sideways in a motorcycle, with a FUCKING LION in the sidecar. It was called a Lion Drome!!!!!!

so Iove the sound of young america

Jesse Thorn's other show may appeal to a more niche audience, but it's my favorite thing ever.

It's a podcast called Jordan, Jesse, Go! and it's just Jesse and his college friend Jordan (with occasional guests and callers), talking about shit for like an hour and a half every week. They are both endlessly charming and funny, and I recommend getting like 20 of those episodes for long car rides, or super boring family events, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, that sort of thing.

You can put them on your ipod.

Annie - you can put them on Wiley's ipod.

Danny played me's new album the other night

I was pretty into it.

And then I found out that is just a pseudonym for my old high school chum...

great stuff!

i saw a cat

get its toenails clipped last night...

it was...utterly macabre.

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My mom sent me this

see if you can figure out how it works

I did! it took a coupla minutes though

howzabout this?

oh yeah Wiley?

well here's a picture of you! it isn't a drawing, it's an actual photo of you...

...sike I googled retard cartoon and this was the only thing that wasn't unbelievably offensive/ upsetting...

...sike, it's a picture of you. You are the retard. 

And guess who took it?

*d*m  **igs*en

oh. my. god.

really really funny

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will you meet me for a beer? Down at Merlots.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is there any reason

not to steal.

from Starbucks? or Wallmart?

really, I don't mean this in the abstract. I get the notion that stealing as a behavior should not be reinforced, and at some point one has to draw the line between corporations that it is, and is not acceptable to steal from (at what point does a corp. cease being "major"?).

but really
look how happy stealing made these two lovebirds!