Thursday, July 23, 2009


I love you - you told me to sell books on amazon. I put 10 up yesterday, I've already sold a textbook for 40 dollars!


RemyLBO said...

free money, that's what I say.

You gotta ship them, which gets annoying. Next time you get a shipment from amazon inc., watch how they make their shipping boxes by folding bigger boxes, then do that when you run out of boxes.

RemyLBO said...

Let me know if you find any good comedians to follow on twitter.

He might post a bit too frequently on Hip Hop topics you don't care about, but you should check out Hex Murda, this rap manager that I sort of know.

he's the king of twitter among certain circles, with gems like this:

IRAQ:"Man,we aint got no fuckin' WMD's"USA:"Fuck that,invasion!"N.KOREA:"We got WMD's."USA:"Stop playin' so much."

ben said...

will do.

Wiley said...

a) nobody has ever used the word boxes so many times in one sentence, adam.

b) ben, how did you not respond to that gem of a twitter?

ben said...

that twitter is a gem.

I am responding to it.

boxes. boxes. boxes. boxes.