Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have slept

for less than 5 hours.


in since waking up Thursday morning.

Yesterday was the 4th of July.

I started the day as I do every year, by reading the declaration of independence and drinking the refreshing summer ale of brewer, patriot, Sam Adams.

I saw the Mime Troupe play in the park, the highlight was a major role by the woman who played Lupe on Arrested Development.

Adam came into town.

This was our phone conversation:

Adam: Benny Boy, what are you doing tonight?
Me: I think we're all just gonna drink and hang out
Adam:...alright...that sounds fucking fun...I'm gonna come up

Adam has been here so much this month that I told him he owes us rent money! He thought I was joking. When he falls asleep tonight on my floor I'm going to rifle through his pockets for loose change.

Almost everyone I know in California went to the top of bernal hill to drink bourbon and watch fireworks.

The hill was terrifyingly steep, so Walker did the obvious and threw himself face first down the mountain.

I thought he would end up looking like this:

But he was ok.

Then we gambled for hours.

Julie got really really drunk. Like..really drunk.

She sat at the computer and played Phish songs really loud, turning up the volume secretly every couple of minutes. She was channeling college Julie.

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Candypants said...

oh prince caspian.