Friday, July 10, 2009

I have this air filter

in my room. And there are two meters on it (this is a true story by the way).

One meter measures the amount of dust in the air, and the other measures offensive smell. I'm not really sure how.

When the dust/ smell quantities are where they should be, the lights are green, when they are not perfect, the light is yellow, and when they get bad, the light turns red.

The lights are pretty much always green.

One time Danny walked into my room, I looked over, and the smell light was red.

That's my story.


RLBO said...

the bad smell meter measures the balance of patchouli in the air

ben said...

I heard that they measure also how gay you are, and one time, you walked into my room, and, because they measure how gay you are, um, they went up.

Candypants said...

danny is going to be so mad when he reads this.

ben said...

I'm going to be really mad when I read it too

Danny said...

i am gay. really...really...please pray with me