Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jon Stewart

was voted America's most trusted newsperson in a Time magazine online poll.

Certainly this result will be dismissed by a majority of people (certainly a majority of newspeople) as the result of their invented cliche as the internet user briefly rolling out of bed, and exhaling his most recent bong load to vote before attending his philosophy class.

some things strike me about the way the media and politicians (remember our president's pathetic brushing aside of the prospect of legalizing marijuana?) demonize the people who are getting their information from the web.

First of all, it's fucking 2009, the internet is not something that college students use to download movies and look at porn...its...its the FUCKING INTERNET! Everyone is on it all the time.

Secondly, in a time-honored sleazeball tactic, the people who are made uncomfortable by results like this change the nature of the discourse, rather than addressing why the world (or even one, large, powerful demographic) feels that they cannot trust anyone in the news other than a comedian (and Brian Williams who received 29 percent of the vote), the de-legitimize the position by attempting to de-legitimize the people who hold it.

Why counter an argument when you can just insult the person who makes it?

these results are not indicative of internet users, or even really of anything so great about Jon Stewart, and everything to do with the fact that 44 person of respondents feel that the host of the daily show is the only newsperson who isn't consistently intentionally misleading them.

It should also be noted that this was a TIME magazine poll, a periodical not noted for its radical youth-centric, leftist agenda.

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