Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new RAAAAAAAAndy documentary

I was just saying last night that, unlike almost any other form of art, people don't seem to accept that there is any objectivity in comedy. Obviously a great deal of art is subjective, but there seem to be some universally accepted things. Like, no one, no matter how much they enjoy romance novels, seems to confuse them with great literature. Likewise, while an appalling number of my friends love Grandma's Boy, none of them have suggested to me that it is a great film.

But with comedy, most people seem to think that whatever makes them laugh is great comedy. What makes you laugh is subjective, but great comedy, is, to some degree objective. If that makes you uncomfortable, maybe I feel better about saying that BAD comedy (dane cook, Epic Movie). is objective. It's something that always frustrates me.

This Raaaaaaaandy short does a great job of mocking the world of terrible comedy, and the humorless young people who enjoy it.

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RLBO said...

I don't get the commentary?

He's just a good comedian that understands a full multimedia experience