Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pushing Daisies

Has anyone ever seen this?

I've heard super good things about it.

I'm watching the first one now, it reminds me of a rad Tim Burton movie.

I'll keep you informed.

It also features a piemaker. Pies make me think about Twin Peaks. I like that.


a citizen of swampasscity said...

I'm pretty mad about this Ben. I'm sitting here about to watch it, trying to find it online, and accidently stumble upon the fact that not only is this not a new show (why would I want to watch an old ass show?), but its an old show thats been cancelled!! After two seasons! Like Arrested Development, that shitstain of a show. And they're about to show the last three episodes like now! Or tomorrow or something. I feel like what Billy and Morgan must've felt like back when no one thought they'd actually catch up in time to watch the season finale of LOST, singing that 'You All Everybody' song and talking about Claire's baby and how much they like Boone and Shannon while we're off philosophically discussing the pros and cos of traveling through time and the lasting awesomeness of Desmond.

I'm gonna watch it still, but it better not have a bunch of two-year old pop culture references that I don't get because I was in my room two years ago staring at my computer screen.

a citizen of swampasscity said...

Oh, wait, EDIT- Last three episodes were two months ago. Well, I really hope this rope here can hold the weight of my neck.

Oh, well, no, it didn't. But this show does look funny.
Good call.

a citizen of swampasscity said...

Also, on a third and final note, I don't think I ever died in the physical sense, but I might have, and its possible you brought me back to life, Ben, that one time when you touched me, and its definitely been more than a minute so thats sad because according to the rules of this show that means someone else died for me, like Jesus, which kind of makes you a murderer, but anyway, you should probably never touch me or get anywhere close to me ever again or else, according to the rules of this show, I'll die again and you'll be considered, like, a serial killer.

ben said...

you're killing it with these comments brian

RLBO said...

I second that

Morgsian said...

1. Sorry I didn't read this post until now
2. I never liked shannon
3. I thought "the lasting awesomeness of Desmond" was the best word sequence ever written, but it turned out to be "hope this rope here can hold the weight of my neck"
4. I love this show. It is not a good show but the characters are attractive and that is why I watch it. Pretty much exactly the same reason I watch Chuck, another mediocre show teetering on the brink of cancellation.

ben said...

I just want to watch sort of quirky but mainly bland characters who love each other but can't be together for some reason all the time.

Candypants said...

wait is lauren conrad in this show? nope. she's writing a book.