Saturday, July 11, 2009

What is a No-hitter

this has been asked of me several times (not just by you Adam), so I am going to explain on the blog for curious non-fans.

In baseball - as we know- there is no clock. There are 3 outs per team per inning. The game ends when the leading team has recorded all 27 outs. If those outs are never recorded (i.e., if batters just keep on getting on base), then theoretically, the game could go on forever.

A no hitter is when not one batter reaches base safely by hitting the ball.

This does not mean that no one makes contact, that's only possible in that Brendan Fraser movie The Scout.

A no hitter is one where the pitcher records 27 outs without giving up a single, a double, a triple, or a homerun.

This has happened roughly 280 times in the past 130 years.

A no hitter does not mean that no one gets on base, merely that no one gets on base in the aforementioned fashion.

a game where NO ONE gets on base, is called a perfect game. It is one where all 27 outs are recorded with no interruption, no walks, no hit batters, no errors, no hits.

It has only happened like 20 times in baseball history.


RLBO said...

Get your statistics books out, i've got some questions if you know them and google wasn't as helpful as I hoped.

1. What is the most runs ever given up by one team in one inning?
2. What is the highest score on an MLB game ever?
3. What is the most innings ever played in MLB
4. What is the most grand slams ever in one game?
5. What is the longest running MLB game?

RLBO said...

maybe you don't actually have to answer those.

when i search google the real answers are too nuanced, and start to bore me

ben said...

1. 19
2. highest score ever in a game is 30
3. longest game by innings is 26
4. most grandslams in 1 game by a player is 2...I don't know what it is for a team
. longest running MLB game by time has been 7 hrs (not counting rain delays or anything, but actually 7 hrs of game time). normal games are a little less than 3 hours

ben said...

note: all of these records are post 1901, before 1901 baseball was very different

RLBO said...


19 runs in one inning? HAHA!

RLBO said...

OK Ben, so this is what's happening.

I'm coming up to SF next week (joke)

when I do come up, we're going to schedule a fucking date.

We're going to watch an entire baseball game straight through. We're going to drink tons of alcohol and make quarter bets on each at bat.

Meanwhile, you're going to tell me all of the juicy gossip about the players.

ben said...

soundz perfect