Thursday, July 2, 2009


well, I think watching sweetly sappy romantic comedies and reading about Adolf Eichmann really takes a lot out of a guy. After an afternoon of watching Michael Cera express his angsty interest in Norah, and reading about the planned extermination of the entire Jewish race :(
you better START running Mike...those guys are Nazis!

I needed a break. I walked around and read in a laundry room for some time.

Then Danny took my money.

By cheating.

At cards.

He hid the ace of spades in his dreadlock.

Which he had hidden in his butt.


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RLBO said...

secret post on your post:

This is what happens everytime Ben comes down to LA.

We see this band

We enact this comic with ben being the big frog

We read blogs together

I keep trying to take good photos of Ben, but he's always eating down here.