Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book eEview: David Cross: I drink for a reason
Frankly, this was a tremendous disappointment to me. It was somehow too much of everything while at the same time being too little of anything. This is not to suggest that there were no bits taht made me laugh out loud, there were, but they were somewhat too few and far between for something in the comedy section.

Basically, he attempted a sort of Al Franken book, a book where he rails against idiocy, spicing his rants with frequent hilarity.

It just did not work out. Cross's brand of venomous loathing for the right, while something I appreciate as much as anyone...just isn't as funny as Franken, who managed to hate without devolving into a sort of...spittle spewing too cool caricature of an intellectual comedian.

Maybe part of this is that I read it, maybe if I was able to hear it, in cross's voice, with cross's delivery, I would not be so bummed (after all his standup, which I do find brilliant, employs long spaces without laughs to positive effect).

When it came down to it though, he was too funny to be taken seriously, and he was too serious (in his delivery, not in the gravity of his content), to really be funny.

I think I may try to download and listen to it, maybe that'll change my mind