Thursday, August 6, 2009

college rankings

Obviously, I imagine that most of us never cared a whit for the idea that the ranking of our college, by Forbes magazine, was any of serious importance.

However, it is of some small importance to individual students who are unable to attend (or forced to attend), schools based on these rankings.

For example. Kenyon is ranked the 22nd best college in the country.

Grinnel is ranked 145.

When I was in high school, I was told that I couldn't get into Grinnel.

Obviously I got into Kenyon.

So what exactly is the equation that produces these numbers?

how is it possible that Grinnel fell 130 points in 6 years, and Kenyon climbed 20.

the whole thing just reaks of intrigue.


Adam said...

what it reeks of is Stoneham being a douche

Candypants said...

i thought kenyon was taken off those lists?

ben said...

Kenyon no longer endorses those lists, but they can't stop magazine from listing them.