Monday, August 3, 2009

the domination of the right on the American political scene

This is something that people rarely talk about quote from Nate Silver, "As you all surely know, the Senate is not a terribly democratic institution. A voter in Wyoming -- population 533,000 -- has about 70 times more ability to influence the Senate's direction than one in California -- population 36.8 million."

This is a real problem, as (as Silver also points out), the bigger a state is, and certainly the larger the state's population density the more democratic it tends to be. There are exceptions to this, but, by and large, the least densely populated states are conservative ones like the Dakotas and Wyoming.

There are 2 senators from every state, a vestige from the time when state interests were more...slave-o-centric than they are today.

This is fucked, and is ( i think), a large part of the reason that all American political dialogue skews to the right of center, and part of the reason that the extreme right is allowed to say whatever it wants, while the far left is largely silent on television.

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