Thursday, August 6, 2009

Francis Collins

this is a really good article on Francis Collins by End Of Faith author Sam Harris.

this is a good quote on why getting people to reconcile science and faith is not the answer:

The goal is not to get more Americans to merely accept the truth of evolution (or any other scientific theory); the goal is to get them to value the principles of reasoning and educated discourse that now make a belief in evolution obligatory. Doubt about evolution is merely a symptom of an underlying problem; the problem is faith itself—conviction without sufficient reason, hope mistaken for knowledge, bad ideas protected from good ones, good ideas occluded by bad ones, wishful thinking elevated to a principle of salvation, etc


Adam said...

I was listening to NPR yesterday. They has this guy on, Chris Mooney, who wrote some book called "Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future".

It was pretty interesting, but then he briefly mentioned how evolution is a wedge issue and shouldn't be focused on as much. Basically saying that scientists should back off on the evolution war, so to bring more crazies in America into the fold.


He mentioned PZ Myers, who seems rad as hell, you know him?

ben said...

yeah, PZ is rad, I've read a bunch of article by him