Thursday, August 6, 2009

Funny people:

note review: I took an ambien, so forgive anything that seems unusual (MAY BE SPOILERS)

I really....I really...ok...I ...I liked this movie. I really did. I enjoyed almost all of it. I thought that Adam Sandler did a great job, I think they really did a tremendous job of exploring the...psychosis? whatever, the way that young and coming comics think and work. The best part of this film to me were those small bits and pieces that acted as sort of love letters to the world of the alternative comedy scene of the 1980's and 1990's. That stuff was awesome. Paul Reiser was awesome. Sarah Silverman was awesome.

The love story was not awesome. Somehow, it made this movie, already clocking in at a robust 2.5 hours, seem like it needed EXTRA time. The problem with the romance for me, are these.

1. There is never any sort of gradual building up or decay of these relationships, its all very harried
2. am I supposed to like Leslie Mann's character? I definitely don't think I DID like her...but I feel like maybe Judd wanted me to. Those were my problems there.

Really this was 3 movies. Maybe more. It was great movie about a dying coemdian, maybe he comes back, maybe he just dies. there is not, what he comes to appreciate is comedy, he lives in through his work kinda thing, here is where he get all these rad dave attel, norm macdonald cameos.

It was alsol a great movie about up and coming talent in the comedy scene in LA, Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen and RAAAAANDY and Yo Teach and the girl Seth Rogen likes. That sounds like a great fucking movie.

Also the movie with the love story, eh, this was not going to be so great.

I think two novel approachses could have made this work.

I think that Funny people would have workd much better as an adult, HBO sitcom.

I think that Funny People could work as a sort of trilogy that you see all at once, but like with New York Stories, you see a full storry, followed by 2 other stories (stories that in this case, will share character and motive), but will still distinctly cover one of the there aforementioned movie topics.


Adam said...


That's somewhat exactly my sentiment, except in my original review, I lumped the cancer stuff in with the love stuff.

You know, without the love story, I could handle the cancer stuff, specifically because his relationship with Seth rogan was really interesting.

Wiley said...

new york trilogy? thats a good idea.

ben said...

I basically just want to see a movie where Jon Brion plays guitar while the RZA makes him delicious Otto sandwhiches and Dave Attel drinks.

now THATS a picture!