Thursday, August 6, 2009

John Hughes

people, all my life, have talked about how much they love those 1980's John Hughes movies. And I've always felt like sort of a secret dick for not giving a fuck about any of them, but like, in the way that I felt like I was hiding something when an entire room/ classroom full of people would start sharing their favorite Breakfast Club memories and all that.

It's almost hard for me to think of movies that have had less of an impact on my life than those movies. For example, almost everything that Dwayne "the rock" Johnson has ever been in has impacted me more, seriously. Have you seen that movie with him and Stifler where they go to Brazil? It's awesome.

Am I alone here?

K Bye.


Adam said...

yeah, I guess you didn't happen to be the perfect target age for a movie called Home Alone, heard of it?

btw that movie with Stifler and the Rock looks awesome... they're arguing!!

ben said...

fuck. I forgot that he did home alone, but that's sort of different.

that movie with stifler and the rock secretly is pretty entertaining. There is one scene where the rock discovers that the river contains a fish that swims up your penis! he get so scared!

Adam said...


I bet they argue after they get out of the water

ben said...

no, a hot brazilian local says something like, "fish swim up your pippip" and the Rock literally says, "nu uh, not in this boys pip pip" and he tightens his pants and jumps in

Billy said...

Ferris fucking Bueller my man, you sleep on that one also?

Billy said...

I just found out he did Weird Science, Uncle fucking Buck, and all those Beethoven movies with that dog that keeps causing trouble. DVZ for days. He made 5 of those mother fuckers. FIVE OF THEM!