Friday, August 28, 2009

sarah taught me a neat fact!

your skin produces melatonin to protect itself from the sun, it knows how much melatonin to produce by the rays absorbed through your retinas, SO, if you wear sunglasses, you are MORE likely to get a sunburn.


candida said...

Jesus. Maybe you should rethink your 'only teaching history is essential' philosophy. There are so many things wrong here.

Melatonin production is influenced by special photoreceptors in the eyes, but the relationship is inverse: increased light intensity decreases melatonin production, which is needed for sleep. Exposing your eyes to light (especially blue light) in the evening, when your body is preparing to go beddy-bye, may fuck up your circadian rhythms, causing you to lie awake in your bed thinking the bad thoughts. Light = Fear. Heard it here first.

Melanin, on the other hand, protects the DNA in skin cells from mutations caused by UV rays. But the expression of melanin is genetic (people express quantities of different types of melanin, which are better or worse at protecting the skin or absorbing vitamin D). White people in Kampala get cancer; black people in Newcastle get rickets.

For G-d's sake, protect your eyes.
Mostly I'm embarrassed I was reading your blog. I won't do it again.

ben said...

miss you!