Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nate Silver and Strategic Visions

so if anyone hasn't been following this, its pretty crazy.

You should check the whole thing out on, but basically it seems like Strategic Visions, a major polling company, may have made EVERYTHING up for their election polling date

here is the most recent posting

i copied it all in, cause its rad.

Subject: couple questions
From: Nate Silver


Hi David,

I'm writing you for two reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to make sure that you had some
decent contact information for me. Was really
looking forward to the lawsuit and figured you
might be having trouble getting in touch. I'm
at this e-mail address --,
or at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Secondly, I wanted to provide you an opportunity
to clear the air about one singular fact. What
call center(s) have you used to conduct your
public-facing polling? For every call center that
you're willing to publicly disclose, up to a
maximum of 5, I will donate $538 to Children's
Healthcare of Atlanta (

Best wishes,
Nate Silver


30 seconds from each track on Bob Dylan's new Christmas record

Robert Crumb

is coming out with a book of Genesis related cartoons.

He says it took him 4 years, and was motivated by his hatred of the bible.

Monday, September 28, 2009

the guthries

Woody was born in 1912, that's only 3 years before my grandmother. that's totally bizarre to me.

Arlo is a republican. He voted for Ron Paul. He looks like this.

he should be ashamed of himself.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

seperated at birth

yankees closer Mariano Rivera and Henry Fonda

Hey Saturday Night Live

you've gotten so terrible that sometimes I can't even tell what your jokes are supposed to be.

Are you still a comedy program?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday


hey SF people

Richard Dawkins is speaking at a bookstore in Menlo Park 730 at night, Tuesday Oct 6th

I'm driving. some one should come with me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

As of last week

there are 2 MORE medical marijuana clubs in LA than there are Starbucks

Thursday, September 24, 2009


here are the presents I got:

Sarah made me an awesome video, and got me a book on 1st ladies

Sarah's mom got me something to be determined

Matt got me 2 books

my mom got me a bunch of stuff:

Graphic Novel Asterios Polyp
Daniel Walker Howes book on 1815-1848
And Here's the Kicker - interviews with 21 comedy writers
NPR funny things
Monty Python's greatest hits
Upright citizens brigade season 2 dvd
a book on Voltaire
Jose Saramago book

John Hodgman

So for whatever reason I put off reading, "The Areas of My Expertise" for a long time

lemme tell you, I enjoyed the hell out of this book.

Certainly the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

I recommend it heartily!

all this incest talk

just makes me want to listen to this all day long

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poem I wrote for school tomorrow

In the class that I like, we often get asked to do what are basically high school assignments.

Things that we might ask our students to do

Anyways, I was aked to write a poem from the perspective given by Zinn's Young People's History of the US on the post-revolutionary- but pre-United States period of our history.

Here it is, for your reading pleasure (special bonus haiku in comments!)

rebellion was well and good for those with lots of money
for the poor, the blacks, the working class, things smelled a little funny
for many years they ahd to fight
the king was out that seemed all right
but those who used to hem and haw
and told them to fight 'gainst unjust law
seemed less than worried 'bout their troubles
the taxes on their whiskeys- doubled
a constitution writ on parchment
that most belov'd republican doc'ment
kept the poorer class in a sort of prison
of unjust cap'tilist class division
while the richer sorts atop the pile
said "you've got your freedom, lets see some smiles"


I had this really short paper that I've been

putting off writing for 2 weeks (we are allowed to hand in 3 things up to 2 weeks late in this one class).

Anyways, tomorrow was my last chance to turn it in.

And come 11:37, I still hadn't written it.

I need to be in bed by 12:00, I have to get up early for school.

But still, Im just goofin' around, not getting my work done.

Then I had an idea.

Take an ambien

and race against my own mind to finish the paper.

Well, I did it, and its done, and its 11:48.

I finished it before it turned into weird stream of conscious muck.


don't die

I'm sorry


I just went

ten days without a single beer.

that all ends.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Nate Silver on gay marriage

Gay Marriage Is Fading as 'Values' Focal Point

It's Mike Huckabee's win in the presidential straw poll at this past week's Value Voters' summit that's drawing the headlines. But this is every bit as interesting:
Abortion ranked first among issues of concern to straw-poll voters, getting 41 percent of the vote, with protection of religious liberty second with 18 percent.

Opposition to same-sex marriage was third at 7 percent.

Public opinion is moving toward acceptance of gay marriage. But it is doing so very slowly, at a rate of perhaps a point or two per year, and has at least a few years to go before it is the majority opinion. In the near term, the more relevant dimension may be 'passion', or depth of feeling. It used to be that the conservatives were ahead on passion -- they were strongly opposed to gay marriage, whereas liberals were, at best, lukewarmly in favor of it. Increasingly, that dynamic seems to be reversing.

Bill Clinton on Boris Yeltsin,0.jpg

"He also relayed how Boris Yeltsin's late-night drinking during a visit to Washington in 1995 nearly created an international incident. The Russian president was staying at Blair House, the government guest quarters. Late at night, Clinton told Branch, Secret Service agents found Yeltsin clad only in his underwear, standing alone on Pennsylvania Avenue and trying to hail a cab. He wanted a pizza, he told them, his words slurring.

The next night, Yeltsin eluded security forces again when he climbed down back stairs to the Blair House basement. A building guard took Yeltsin for a drunken intruder until Russian and U.S. agents arrived on the scene and rescued him."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

funny pic of Michael I Black

I just got summoned

to Jury Duty

which i need desperately to postpone so that I don't fail out of school

I have never been as excited about anything

as I am about this:

Michael Ian Black

I am super bummed on him.

I know I've had this conversation with some of you, about how weird it is that he so desperately wants to be on TV all the time. But it didn't really bother me, because yeah, while VH1 is lame, he was still quirky and funny and himself on it, and that's ok.

but I was just watching the Orioles game on my computer, and saw Michael Ian Black's Klondike bar commerical, wherein he asks a mime what he would do for a Klondike bar. The punch line - would you talk?

super shitty, pretty embarrassing. And a little gross to me that there was no value in it, and it was clearly just done for that sweet sweet klondike money.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

on teaching history

People tend to suggest that teaching in a traditional way, is unbiased and therefore politically neutral, whereas progressive teaching, or teaching from progressive texts is anti-tradition and therefore politically biased.

This is yet another example of how we allow the right wing to determine where the conversation is.

If the above were true, then the only options would be to be normal and neutral, or to be left wing, that model does not allow for a right wing bias.

Obviously this is ridiculous. Teaching in the traditional way is biased. Not taking sides IS taking a side (and almost always a conservative one). And it's garbage that we are made to think otherwise.

good line on public option

from jeffrey toobin on Bill Maher

Penn State and Ohio state did not put Harvard out of business

UPS and Fedex did not put the post office out of business

why would health care be any different?

Friday, September 18, 2009

i like this


new show with these people!

pretty funny.

Joel McHale: what's your deal?
girl: I'm not good at small talk
J M: what's your deal and is God dead?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

new on dvd

Writer and co-executive producer Jeffrey Summerhill grabbed his genitals when MTV News visited the set of the film over the summer saying, "We watched a few [dance movies]. We watched a couple ... couple hundred thousand".[

AND new between two ferns with Charlize Theron

funny or LIE

george brett auto-tuned

schedule for bluegrass fest sunday oct 4

135 okerville river
240-steve martin
345 tom morello (why not?)
525 richie havens

12:15-booker T (12:25 dr dog)
1:25-billy bragg
2:45 earl scruggs or 3:05 aimee mann
4:00 mavis staples or ralph stanley
5:20 neko case
6:45 emmylou harris

being sick

is totally fucked when you have actual responsibilities.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tomorrow IS


no joke

all public schools have been given government funding to take tomorrow, and in all humanities, history, social sciences type class, from grades 1 through 12, focus on the constitution

for those of you who will not be celebrating within the school environment

I suggest you go to constitutioncenter , where they have fun games like - what founder are you?

heres what you should do! thisll be fun
ake the test offered, it is the nationalization test test, it is the test that residents need to pass to become US citizens


does really nice things for me.

The other day, I was home sick and miserable. moaning in bed, doing the Julie voice, the whole 9.

anyways, Sarah brightened my day by bringing me vitamins and the best homemade card ever.

it was great.

SO i just started reading

John Hogman's first book, the areas of my expertise. I had put off reading it for a really long time. Not really sure why. Maybe it was because he was always on tv and his shtick was wearing a little thin.

The other day, I picked up a copy on amazon for .001, ad it was worth every penny.

I'm really enjoying so far, bout a third of the way through

book reviwe:the isles

Quite good. Davies seeks to provide a history of Great Britain from pre-history until today, while at the same time, debunking the differently biased lenses through which this history has so often been viewed. This polemical aspect of the book is what makes it an experience distinct from another history of the isles.

Davies takes pains to argue against the Roman bias, the Anglican bias, the Imperialist bias, the Whig bias etc.

While you may or may not agree with Davies's interpretation, he always includes the traditional parsing of the narrative before explaining why it is an incorrect, or an inappropriate re-imagining of history.

Be warned that Davies assumes his reader has some sort of pre-existing nuts and bolts understanding of British history, and does not explain personalities or trends that he perhaps feels all his readers (or at least all of his British readers) would be familiar with.

As another reviewer noted, his tendency to use language to tell his story is one that I am philosophically in tuned with. But, frankly, is just sort of irritating when you are reading. For example, he refers to places by what theCelts would have called them (rather than the Romans), and William the conqueror is Guilliame.

Either way, this is an excellent primer for the...intermediate beginner —someone who has some idea of the chronology, but needs it reinforced. Or for someone well versed in British history, looking for a (?) take.


i haven't been blogging. i've been sick.

i watched year one definitely wasn't as bad as everyone said it was.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I just finished

my second new york times sunday crossword!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

isn't it strange

that this lady has been typecast as a killing machin



Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years ago today

A nation trembled.

and a world took notice.

when Sterling turned 16!

Never forget.

this is a birthday wesbite for people born on sterling's special day who cannot cope with its dual significance.

Here are some of its helpful tips:

make a wish
bring your cake to your local firefighters
light an extra candle

so don't worry sterllllleeess you can still have fun.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

took these from huffpo

they're pretty incredible. Real photos from the hubble telescope

the paranoid style in American politics

this is, in essence, the difference between the left and the right.

The left believes that the right, while totally wrong, is trying to do what they feel is best for the country.

The right believes that the left, is involved in a massive conspiracy to destroy their way of life.

This can be seen perfectly with the ludicrous 'controversy' about the president speaking to the students of the country. The left would never have protested in this way if Bush had wanted to speak to the nation's children. They may have whined, they may have said something like...'I don't want my kid listening to that idiot'...but they NEVER would have suggested that Bush was going to try to brainwash their kids and turn them against their country.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have this idea

for a stand up bit, wherein I assume that vampires eat lots of goji berries

it goes a little something like this

Me: Now I'm no vampire...(hoot, laughter), but I like goji berries in my cereal (sustained applause)

hey people

just because you have ten items or fewer, does NOT mean that you have to stand in the ten items or fewer line.

I walked up to an open checkout line today, while next to me there were 14 people (I counted) trying to checkout in the ten items or less.

Monday, September 7, 2009

new ghostface

this is the most uncomfortably graphic song I've ever heard


Bluegrass festival

for those of you who may be interested (wink wink ad-m)

here are some highlights of Sat and Sun:

Sat: Richie Havens, Steve Martin, Gillian Welch
Sun: Doc Watson, Mavis Staples, Billy Bragg, Earl Scruggs, Emmylou Harris, Ralph Stanley, Dr. Dog

set times coming soon!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

type of joke of today


a paraprosdokian is a sentance where the second part changes the interpretation of the first part

examples (courtesy of wikipedia)

Groucho Marx- "she got her good looks from her father, he's a plastic surgeon"
Homer Simpson-"if I could say I few words, I'd be a better public speaker"
Mitch Hedberg- "I used to do drugs, I still do, but I used to also"
Bob Monkhouse - "I want to die like my father, quietly in his sleep- not screaming and terrified like his passengers"


I spent 9 hours doing homework.

I used that time to start watching Sara Conner Chronicles, just like A--M told me to, he was right.

I also downloaded a huge amount of standup, much of which I haven't listened to yet: Todd Barry, Zach Galifiankis, Doug Benson, Bill Hicks, Paul F Tompkins Brian Regan, Louis CK, all of season 3 of the state, all of season 4 of Tim and Eric, and listened to a bunch of Bill that's awesome

Friday, September 4, 2009

Worried about Swine Flu?

The World Health Organization recommends that you avoid this sort of activity unless absolutely necessary

things that I like to think about

1. I like bread and butter. But really a lot, and the thing of it is, I always, always forget how much I like bread and butter. I think about food all the time, but I NEVER think about bread and butter until I eat it. Today, I went to whole foods by the high school and they were giving out samples of bread and butter. It was fucking great.

2. I like the fact that you're permitted to be creepy if you are old, like really old, like...over 75-80. Example, if Danny were to walk up to a pretty young thing, at a party and tell her she was lovely, she would scream and vomit. If an old man did it, it would be charming as hell.

3. I like the fact that three of my best buddies and I are excited that its Friday night. Why? Cause we are going to play a board game.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

hey wiley

I read that post about what Jesse might have for dinner. And not only did I not get that it was a joke...I STILL don't get that it was a joke. I will have what he is having. I'm sure it will be cool and sincere. (yeah, sincerely delicious!)


you need to start wearing sun tan lotion
fat-wolverine.jpg image by rootbeerbaron

Aldous Huxley said

Facts do not cease to be true, simply because they are ignored.


everyone else is blogging about it...

Here is a list of my top ten bands of all time:

1. The Beatles
2. Jordan Morris
3. Bob Dylan
4. The Velvet Underground
5. Jordan Jesse Go
6.The Wu Tang Clan
7. America's Radio Sweetheart
8. Jesse Thorn
9. Sam Cooke
10. Smokey Robinson
t10. The Sound of Young America

So NO, I do NOT think that they are "better than the Beatles".