Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have this idea

for a stand up bit, wherein I assume that vampires eat lots of goji berries

it goes a little something like this

Me: Now I'm no vampire...(hoot, laughter), but I like goji berries in my cereal (sustained applause)



a citizen of swampasscity said...

I'm still applausing.

Billy said...

That is not that funny, sorry. I think as a friend you have to tell another friend the truth. Even if it hurts the other person. So this hurts me to say but, I saw Sara last night, she was leaving the bar with the Giants starting line up and the third base coach. Thought you should know. Your joke is funny I just hate cereal.

Adam said...

"Now, I'm not Fareed Zakaria......but if I WAS!!!!

I would probably set my legion of demons to attack your first born and render all males sterile."