Sunday, September 20, 2009

I just got summoned

to Jury Duty

which i need desperately to postpone so that I don't fail out of school


Adam said...

I had just typed "jury duty sucks" in the box

but then I realized I was disingenuous and just sort of repeating a mantra that had been forced into me.

I did jury duty once, and it was great.

I got a day off of work, I got to sit in a big room full other other people, sip some coffee, read the paper, listen to my ipod, do sudoku, read a book (I was reading Pedido St. Station)

At 12:00 I got an hour for lunch, which I ate in beautiful downtown Brooklyn

at 3:30, they said they weren't going to use me as a juror, but that my required duty was done.

Then I went home

ben said...

to be honest, I'm pretty psyched on jury duty. I really like the idea of me fulfilling some sort of civic duty.

My only problem is, my schedule is such that I will literally fail my classes if I have to miss a whole week.

So as unlikely as that may be, I need to postpone till next semester

Billy said...

Ben I think you should do it. It will be like that time Pauly Shore and me had jury duty together. That was a wild time.

Adam said...

Definitely won't beat that time that me and Pauly Shore were in that Biodome.

You remember that?

We were in a Biodome.