Sunday, September 20, 2009

Michael Ian Black

I am super bummed on him.

I know I've had this conversation with some of you, about how weird it is that he so desperately wants to be on TV all the time. But it didn't really bother me, because yeah, while VH1 is lame, he was still quirky and funny and himself on it, and that's ok.

but I was just watching the Orioles game on my computer, and saw Michael Ian Black's Klondike bar commerical, wherein he asks a mime what he would do for a Klondike bar. The punch line - would you talk?

super shitty, pretty embarrassing. And a little gross to me that there was no value in it, and it was clearly just done for that sweet sweet klondike money.


Adam said...

yep, I'm really bummed on him too. Those commercials are super lame. Something Mo Rocca would do.

I feel like every single member of the State is doing better stuff than Michael and Michael's show.

Just watching "Children's Hospital" last night made me dislike Michael & Michael so much more. I believed I laughed more in each one of those 5 minute episodes than I did on an entire episode of Michael and Michael.

ben said...

definitely true

I think there is a lot of wishful thinking in liking michael and michael. Look. it doesn't suck. It is pleasant, it has its moments, but its to the point where I don't really believe people are being honest when they tell me its really funny.

Children's hospital is infinitely better.