Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poem I wrote for school tomorrow

In the class that I like, we often get asked to do what are basically high school assignments.

Things that we might ask our students to do

Anyways, I was aked to write a poem from the perspective given by Zinn's Young People's History of the US on the post-revolutionary- but pre-United States period of our history.

Here it is, for your reading pleasure (special bonus haiku in comments!)

rebellion was well and good for those with lots of money
for the poor, the blacks, the working class, things smelled a little funny
for many years they ahd to fight
the king was out that seemed all right
but those who used to hem and haw
and told them to fight 'gainst unjust law
seemed less than worried 'bout their troubles
the taxes on their whiskeys- doubled
a constitution writ on parchment
that most belov'd republican doc'ment
kept the poorer class in a sort of prison
of unjust cap'tilist class division
while the richer sorts atop the pile
said "you've got your freedom, lets see some smiles"



ben said...

*special bonus haiku*

From the perspective of the Native Americans, read to Andrew Jackson.

all men are equal?
Fuck you mr president
i want my land back

Wiley said...

the haiku is awesome

Chris Yarrison said...

Those are just Propagandhi songs.