Thursday, September 24, 2009


here are the presents I got:

Sarah made me an awesome video, and got me a book on 1st ladies

Sarah's mom got me something to be determined

Matt got me 2 books

my mom got me a bunch of stuff:

Graphic Novel Asterios Polyp
Daniel Walker Howes book on 1815-1848
And Here's the Kicker - interviews with 21 comedy writers
NPR funny things
Monty Python's greatest hits
Upright citizens brigade season 2 dvd
a book on Voltaire
Jose Saramago book

1 comment:

a citizen of swampasscity said...

I bought you a Kindle that you returned, found you a dog that you regifted, caught you a baseball that you threw back.

All I have left to offer is wearing that sweater for you.