Friday, September 4, 2009

things that I like to think about

1. I like bread and butter. But really a lot, and the thing of it is, I always, always forget how much I like bread and butter. I think about food all the time, but I NEVER think about bread and butter until I eat it. Today, I went to whole foods by the high school and they were giving out samples of bread and butter. It was fucking great.

2. I like the fact that you're permitted to be creepy if you are old, like really old, like...over 75-80. Example, if Danny were to walk up to a pretty young thing, at a party and tell her she was lovely, she would scream and vomit. If an old man did it, it would be charming as hell.

3. I like the fact that three of my best buddies and I are excited that its Friday night. Why? Cause we are going to play a board game.

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