Sunday, September 6, 2009


I spent 9 hours doing homework.

I used that time to start watching Sara Conner Chronicles, just like A--M told me to, he was right.

I also downloaded a huge amount of standup, much of which I haven't listened to yet: Todd Barry, Zach Galifiankis, Doug Benson, Bill Hicks, Paul F Tompkins Brian Regan, Louis CK, all of season 3 of the state, all of season 4 of Tim and Eric, and listened to a bunch of Bill that's awesome


alfa foxtrot said...

this is insane. you can't use homework time to watch tv, then it's not homework time anymore. unless you have two brains, which you might.

ben said...

my homework had a bunch of things where I had to try to do different visual projects that I might assign to a history student, so it was a lot of drawing and stuff that you can easily do when you watch robots fight.

Adam said...

whenever I close my eyes all I see is robots fighting