Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tomorrow IS


no joke

all public schools have been given government funding to take tomorrow, and in all humanities, history, social sciences type class, from grades 1 through 12, focus on the constitution

for those of you who will not be celebrating within the school environment

I suggest you go to constitutioncenter , where they have fun games like - what founder are you?

heres what you should do! thisll be fun
ake the test offered, it is the nationalization test test, it is the test that residents need to pass to become US citizens


ben said...

i got ten out of ten

these are random samplings of 100 questions that people to to get a 70 percent on to become citizens

Adam said...

if America wasn't run by a negro

every day would be constitution day

Adam said...

took the test, worried in the back of my head that your extensive American history knowledge helped you along.

didn't expect questions like "where is the statue of liberty located"

"which of these wars did not take place in the 1900's"
(one of the answers is "the war of 1812")

Still got one wrong though, never heard of Publius

ben said...

publius was the nom de plume (sp?) of all 3 writers of the federalist papers

ben said...

good job though

Adam said...

The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Which one of these men was not a writer of the Federalist Papers?

Benjamin Franklin
James Madison
Alexander Hamilton
John Jay

Adam said...

kind of a messed up question

ben said...

yeah, it is a little silly.