Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Review: Discipline: Survival Kit for the Secondary School Teacher

0.5 out of 5 stars

I 'finished' this, in that, it was so fucking awful that I put it down never to complete the assigned chapters. I see that it has 95 percent approval. But man oh man, I thought this was just about the worst goddamn thing I've ever read in my life.

The very best thing that someone could say about this book is does not frequently contradict obvious advice. But really, do we need a book to tell us (in 50 frigging ways) that it is good to encourage positive relationships, respect, etc.

Intensely boring also.

A couple of things seem genuinely like bad advice. There is one instance where the book recommends putting name tags on students, if they object, they are to be reminded of all the local businesses where employees are so labeled. That's sort of gross, no?

Either way, ugh. man. I wanted it to stop so badly.


Adam said...

aww man, I just bought this book.

I was so excited to read it.

ben said...

I know! the reviews were great.

the NY Times said, "An extraordinary...look at...teaching."

Adam said...

any teacher that prepares his children to wear the nametags of Fast Food or Gas Station employees is doing his job.

ben said...

I agree, I think it's time to bring a little realism back to the classroom