Saturday, October 10, 2009

Book Review: Lenin

by Robert Service

I didn't care for this at all. I'm no Lenin apologist, so I do not take any particular offense to a book that portrays him in a largely negative light. Despite my socialist sympathies, I find large-scale murder pretty generally distasteful.

However, Service strikes me as someone who is ideologically driven without realizing it. Other people write on the revolution clear in their support or disdain for one or all of the major players. Service sees himself as a non-biased observer to some degree (although makes clear that he is something of a conservative and certainly no Marxist), and makes some big-time claims in the introduction to being new voice on his subject. But frequent lines like, "Lenin had a greater passion for destruction than love for the proletariat" seem to put the lie to this notion.

Statements like the above, peppered throughout the book, are opinions, stated as fact, that get pretty grating.

beyond all that, I just really didn't love the way he writes.

hang it up Robert Service.


Adam said...

You wouldn't argue with the FACT that Lenin would rather drink Kitten Juice (juice that is made out of kittens) than a cool glass of fruit juice.


ben said...

can it not be supposed by any REASONABLE scholar, Adam, that your insistence on labeling V.I. Lenin as a drinker of Kitten Juice may, in point of fact, be a DIRECT result, of your own hideous proclivities toward juice made of the very cutest animals?!?!?!?