Sunday, October 11, 2009

cool homework assignment

So i'm pretty pleased with myself. I had to design a text set, which is 12-15 documents that are multi-textual (i.e. books, posters, songs, movies, etc) to tell any story I want from American history. I chose dissident voices and free speech from 1911-1920. And the shit I found is super fucking rad. That's all.


Adam said...

I feel like there's something inherently unexciting in representing workers.

Maybe this is coming from the extreme capitalist society that we come from, but I feel like a worker publicly admitting and being proud that he is a worker is a tougher thing to find than you would think.

It must just be that way in our society where tanning (not working) and nice cars (proving to the world how little of your work is necessary for your survival) are the most valued ideals.

ben said...

yeah its true. Its strange how pride in being a worker has become something associated with conservative ideology, when so recently unionizing and being sort of 'blue collar' in that sense were far left ideas