Sunday, October 18, 2009

more in childhood stardom

or: the kids aren't all right

This is an excerpt from Jodie Sweetin's book

Coke. No problem. We were doing it right at the table. Meth wasn't as socially acceptable so I did that at home, alone, or with a couple friends who were also using. But the coke, the Ecstasy -- the party -- went until closing. It almost always did.

Then it was back to my place in Westchester, a Los Angeles neighborhood around the corner from LAX. It was always back to my place. Somehow the group had grown to about fifteen or twenty people. I was playing the role of after-party host. Looking back, I think I liked the control. I was always the driver, the host; it was always my show. With people waiting to party, I went into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of Jack Daniel's in one hand, a bottle of champagne under my arm, and a big plate of coke in the other hand for all of my guests. The crowd went wild. Standing ovation. Just how I liked it.


Adam said...

Behind the House

Aren't they supposed to be in SF and not....MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

I gotta go find the party

Chris Yarrison said...

Saving Stephanie some this party lifestyle is all I care about right now.