Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Office Wedding

maybe I just don't spend enough time "surfing the web", but I had never seen that wedding video with all the people dancing. Because of that, I was basically bored and irritated by that scene in the show (although I assumed it was some sort of youtube sensation). Did everyone else know what was going on? Wasn't it stupid anyway?


Wiley said...

yeah it was stupid. but i you are putting yourself on front street big time because brian put that on his blog! i'm sorry brian, ben's a bad friend. i read your blog.

but either way it was fucking stupid. although i have to admit i did watch that video all the way through when i saw it, it's moderately entertaining. but definitely not good enough to parody on the office, it kind of bumps the office down to a trashy level they don't belong on. kevin dancing in tissue boxes and falling was funny though.

a citizen of swampasscity said...

I wish I could say that its ok, that I don't read Ben's blog either, but obviously that would be a lie, and friends don't lie to each other. Or not read each other's blogs.
I thought it was stupid though too, and made me not like the original video, which was also relatively stupid, but a little fascinating to watch the first time. thank god everyone wouldn't shut up about Parks & Recreation, as that has distracted me from the Office.

Adam said...

I like the original dancing video.

it was heartwarming and sweet.

Any video of other real life wedding dancing, not funny, any parody that's not actually a parody just a reenactment, not funny.

Wiley said...

the original one was sweet and heartwarming

Candypants said...

both of them were sweet and heatwarming. okay? i cried