Thursday, October 22, 2009

old timey slang I learned today

ankle - to walk
applesauce: nonsense
berries - similar to bees knees
coffin varnish - bootlegged liquor
dewdropper- a man who sleeps all day
indian hop - marijuana
pull a daniel boone- vomit
punch the bag- small talk
century- 100 dollar bill
dip the bill- drink
gooseberry lay- stealing clothes from a clothesline

Now let's see if I can use them all in a short paragraph.

The other day billy ankled up to me, that dewdropper had been dipping his bill in a centuries worth of coffin varnish and looked like he had done a gooseberry lay! I tried to punch the bag but all that came out of his mouth was applesauce! He laid some indian hop on me and pulled a daniel boone. He thought it was the berries!


Wiley said...

i ankled over to chris' house yesterday but he didn't answer his door because he's a fucking dewdropper. he dipped the bill, some coffin varnish, pulled a daniel boone and talked some applesauce. it was berries.

Wiley said...

sorry chris, i know you've changed

Chris Yarrison said...

It's all applesauce to me. I was pulling a daniel boone when you ankled up and didn't have the berries to punch the bag. It had been quite a night of coffin varnish.