Sunday, October 25, 2009


which of these people will Billy turn into in 30 years?

1. shrivelled wealthy businessman

2.No limits guy

3. tie on head party guy

4.cactus penis

boner1.jpg image by 413some

5. a hot chick

6. THE hot chick

7. an actual monster


Wiley said...

is all of the above an option?

Wiley said...

if not, THE hot chick

also, the word i have to type in is worgspie. i think that's the best one i've ever gotten

Adam said...

cactus penis definitely.

Danny said...

you guys are crazy if you think he's not ALREADY the tie on the head guy. come on! COME ON!!!!

Billy said...

all of the above!!!!!!!

Chris Yarrison said...

Yeah he's already most of these. Is this a game?

ben said...

its the most dangerous game chris