Friday, November 20, 2009

Intervention Blog

Bill. We (I) have gotten together (alone) to have an intervention.

Your drinking has started to hurt as personally.

We had a plan to watch the wire. Because of your drinking, we could not watch it.

That is the way that your drinking has hurt me.


Billy said...

FUCK YOU! For the last time I don't have a FUCKING drinking problem. I just have a sensitive tummy, if my "tummy" was a real man, which I am, it would be able to handle a bottle of sake, 10 beers, and a double shot of whiskey to finish the night. So talk to my tummy about it being a bitch.

Adam said...

Ben. Sit down.

Billy and I called you here today to tell you that we believe you have a problem.

You have been making too many unjust interventions and it's really a problem, not just in your life, but ours as well.

We just want you to get help

Chris Yarrison said...

Billy you should come back to Annapolis where our drinking problems are embraced by all.