Monday, November 9, 2009

my great day with billy

boy we had a great day.

12:00- Billy came over
12:30-took medicine (for our backs)
1:00 walked to the park near my house
1:15-3:15- read about krushchev
3:15-5:00- ate sandwiches outside
6:007:00- grocery shopping
7:00-10:00- billy made me dinner and bill and brian and I watched the 1st 2.25 episodes of the Wire

what a great day


ben said...

10:00-12:00- explored eachothers bodies

ben said...

12:00-now - felt remorse and shame

Billy said...

I love that you mentioned that both of our backs hurt. Weird they both hurt on the same day.

Adam said...

Knew it!