Thursday, November 19, 2009


so I met a guy with a friend who works at Pandora- I know this has come up in conversation with Danny recently.

They DO in fact have a number of employees who are paid only to listen to music all day and then say what different things sound like. It's not done with some sort of program.

Neat job!


Adam said...

trust me when I say that sounds excruciating. I had to do similar at Fat Beats and it was easily the worst part of the job.

First you are forced to listen to (what is presumably) 99% god awful music.

Second you have to develop a sense to quantify music beyond your own likes and dislikes, which means you force yourself to stop appreciating the art of the music.

I imagine someone with that job can rarely listen to music for fun after a day's work.

Kevtron said...

Yeah, that does sound really terrible... I would hate that.